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Honda Civic Hybrid 2003-2006

Honda Civic Hybrid 2006-2011

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What is grid charging & what will it do?

Grid charging is the bulk trickle charging of a hybrid vehicle’s high voltage battery pack – my system slowly trickle charges the entire cell pack together.

Will it fully restore my pack ?

Grid charging can never do as good a job as renewing all the individual cells in a pack (packs usually contain between 120 and 150 individual reasonably expensive cells) however, in the majority of cases a significant improvement in power assist and fuel economy together with warning light cancellation is noticeable after completion of a charge.

How often will I need to plug it in to charge? how long will it take to charge? and how much will it cost me in electricity ?

How often depends how deteriorated your pack is. Usually between 1 & 2months

The charge cycle for a 2003-2006 Civic Hybrid is @ 18 hours, for the 2006-2011 models it is @ 24 hours.

The cost in electricity (dependant on your suppliers’ tariff) is very small typically between 15 and 35 pence per charge!

Is Grid Charging dangerous & will it harm my battery pack?

No! – my Grid Chargers are fully tested, fully automatic & employ a safety interlocked forced air cooling system – the possible overheating risk is thereby eliminated & being fully automatic the risk of overcharge is also eliminated.

Is it easy to use?

It really couldn’t be easier, just open the boot – plug in the charge & ventilation leads to the control box, lay the ventilation box over the air intake – plug the control box into the mains, switch on & wait.