Battery Conditioners/Life Extenders

UK Price ——————————————— £650 fitted!!*

Vehicle fitment guide.*

Lexus GS 450h – all models

Lexus CT 200h – all models

Toyota Prius      – all models

Honda Civic       – all models

* I can adapt my Conditioners and Life Extenders to suit other makes & models please e-mail me to discuss your requirements at

What does a Life Extender do?

My Life Extender does exactly that, extends useful life of your battery pack beyond the normal life that was originally intended by the manufacturer – often by years.

Using normal domestic mains electricity It cleverly & carefully conditions your hybrid battery pack.

Will it fully restore my pack ?

The Life Extender won’t make your pack like new, however, in the majority of cases a significant improvement in capacity and fuel economy together with fault & warning light cancellation is noticeable after use.

How often will I need to use it?

How often depends how deteriorated your pack is. (Usually once every 1 or 2 months)

How long does it take?

Between 12 & 24 hours depending on model.

What will it cost me to run

The cost in electricity (dependant on your suppliers’ tariff) is very small typically between 50p & £2

Is it dangerous & will it harm my battery pack?

No! – I thoroughly test all units as I build them & again before installation. Proper use can only benefit your battery pack.

Is it easy to use?

It really couldn’t be easier, just open the boot – plug in the two leads that I have  installed into the control box, plug the control box into the mains & wait.